Shaving and peat blend

A unique blend

Wood shavings and peat blend have a high absorption rate. They are used with many animal species.

Wood shavings and peat blend is unique and offers the best : an interesting high absorption rate thanked to peat and the good smell of wood shavings. This type of litter offers a great compromise for farmers who don’t want to change drastically their type of litter. It is available in bags or in bulk. Just as with peat, manure will bring interesting nutrients to soil and will offer best harvests.


Ideal for animals

Ideal for animals
Ideal for animals
Ideal for animals
Ideal for animals

Details and specifications

  • 100% natural based on wood shaving and peat ;
  • Chemical contaminants free ;
  • Absorption comparable to fine wood shavings ;

  • Easy to clean and to handle ;

  • Optimum compression rate ;

  • Available in bags of 3.0 ft³ ;
  • Unit bag or 45 bags pallets ;

  • Has a pleasant smell ;

  • Outside storage is possible when bags are piled on wood pallets ;
  • Great with any animal species.
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