High quality

The quality of our product is ensured through a rigorous and strict process aim to provide a high-end product.


All our products are free from chemical contaminants as glue, asbestos, wood preservation products and other animal harmful products.

Litière Ouellet makes sure of his customers satisfaction with a constant inspection of his products. Regardless of the type of bedding, several aspects are controlled to provide a high quality product for your farm animals.

Litière Ouellet Entreposage

Controlled aspects

  • Weight
  • Humidity level
  • Volume of each bag
  • Origin of the shavings
  • History



100% natural products are made from wood shavings or organic material. Available in bulk or in bags, the five bedding types are made to insure animals comfort. Whether it is litter for chickens, poultry, pigs, horses, cattle or dairy cows, Litière Ouellet products will meet the different needs of your animals.

Litière Ouellet promises to offer you a superior quality product since 60 years. The different top of the line litter products are suitable for all your farm animals.