Standard shavings

Improves animal comfort

Medium size wood shavings have a high absorption rate and provide comfort to the animal. This litter type can be used for any farm animal.

Standard shavings is a blend of coarse, medium and fine shavings. It is an interesting choice with good absorption and low dust. Standard shavings suits for any animal species and productions. Pine and spruce are the tree essences used for their good smell for the animal’s environment and to allow reducing ammonia smell contained in urine.


Ideal for animals

Ideal for animals
Ideal for animals
Ideal for animals
Ideal for animals

Details and specifications

  • 100% natural from fir and spruce wood shavings ;
  • Chemical contaminants free ;
  • Highly effective absorption ;
  • Low moisture rate ;
  • Improves animal comfort ;
  • Optimum compression rate ;
  • Easy to clean and to handle ;
  • Available in bulk or in bags of 3.25 ft³ ;
  • Unit bag or 45 bags pallets ;
  • Outside storage is possible when bags are piled on wood pallets ;
  • Great with any animal species : chickens, poultry, pigs, horses, cattle and dairy cows.
Ripe standard