Coarse shavings

Dust free

Large flakes are dust free and reduce animal respiratory diseases and allergies, in particular with horses.

Coarse shavings litter contains low dust and have a good absorption rate. It is very popular for horses and poultry for their fragile respiratory system than other species. Easy to compress, it procures a large volume and cover a large area. It therefore forms an excellent cushion which provides increased comfort to your animals. Coarse shavings are very popular in the equestrian sector for its clean visual appearance and its light color.


Ideal for animals

Ideal for animals
Ideal for animals

Details and specifications

  • 100% natural wood fir and spruce ;
  • Chemical contaminants free ;
  • Dust-free : reduces respiratory problems and allergies ;
  • Low moisture rate ;
  • Optimum compression rate ; 
  • Available in bulk or in bags of 3.25 ft³ ;
  • Unit bag or 45 bags pallets ;
  • Easy to clean and to handle ;
  • Outside storage is possible when bags are piled on wood pallets ;
  • Especially used with ducks, chickens, poultry and horses.
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