Shaving and perlite

Bagging of this product in pending, in order to find a solution against dust !

As this bedding provides better absorption, it is not necessary to use a large amount to have the same efficiency. It is therefore a profitable choice for farmers, without compromising the comfort of the animal. In addition, the mat created under them makes a non-slip floor.

Nouveauté - New

Ideal for animals

Ideal for animals
Ideal for animals

Details and specifications

  • 100% natural based on wood shaving and perlite;
  • Chemical contaminants free;
  • Improves health of the animal's paws and hooves;
  • Low moisture rate;
  • Easy to clean and to handle;
  • Optimum compression rate;
  • Available in bags of 3.0 ft³;
  • Unit bag or 45 bags pallets;
  • Outside storage is possible when bags are piled on wood pallets;
  • Recommended for pigs and cows.