Shaving and paper

Unrivalled comfort and absorption

This mixture of shaving and shredded paper provides a very high comfort to the animal, while absorbing 35% more than wood shaving alone.

This brand new mix consists of 1/3 paper with 2/3 standard wood shaving. The paper used comes directly from manufacturing plants, which promotes the circular economy. This paper is shredded on our site to ensure uniform grinding. The advantage of this mix is its 35% higher absorption than wood shaving alone. This allows less bedding to be placed under the animal, while improving its comfort. The decomposition of this product is fast.

Nouveauté - New

Ideal for animals

Ideal for animals
Ideal for animals
Ideal for animals
Ideal for animals

Details and specifications

  • 100% natural based on wood shavings and paper;
  • Chemical contaminants free;
  • 35% more absorbent than wood shaving alone;
  • Low moisture rate;
  • Easy to clean and to handle;
  • Fast decomposition;
  • Optimum compression rate;
  • Available in bags of 3.0 ft³;
  • Unit bag of 45 bags pallets;
  • Outside storage is possible when bags are piled on wood pallets;
  • Great with any animal species : chickens, poultry, pigs, horses, cattle and dairy cows.