Shaving and limestone - Testimony

Friday, 25 June 2021

Ferme Chalait
Testimony on wood shaving and limestone blend


Milk producer with a quota of more than 190 kg/day.

In June 2021, we began using the wood shaving and limestone blend distributed by Litière Ouellet Wood Shavings. Since then, many benefits have been observed :

 -  Our SCs (somatic cells) have decreased significantly;
 -  As a result, our mastitis cases have decreased and our milk production per cows has increased
 -  We use almost half as much bedding under the cows and the pavement remains drier than wood shaving alone;
 -  In addition, the cow's legs and teats remain dry and clean;
 -  Not to mention the soil amendment in our filds, which is beneficial because of limestone, wich is a real savings.

We strongly recommend this product for all the benefits it can bring in a dairy production. 

Stéphane Chagnon

Owner of Ferme Chalait
Roxton Falls, QC

Ferme Chalait